Livermore is an agency only broker dealer. We operate without conflict of interest and act on our client's behalf. We operate a full service trading desk , in addition to our New York Stock Exchange based professionals, we employ numerous institutional traders all who have access to multiple trading platforms, exchanges and venues. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced traders use various algorithmic and dark pool tools that give us the ability to customize each execution to every one of our client’s needs.

Livermore Trading Group is a New York Stock Exchange member firm and full FINRA registered broker dealer, that serves a wide range of clients, including institutional investors, hedge funds, registered investment advisors, and sell side firms. Our agency traders act as the eyes and ears for our clients’ own trading departments. We offer a flexible approach designed to help them achieve their objectives.

As members of the New York Stock Exchange, clients have the benefit of the human touch. We
are able to provide greater access to the opening and closing auctions, our members are able to represent customer orders far beyond what is available to non-floor electronic representation. Since we have direct access to both the electronic and the open outcry markets, we have the ability to execute trades quickly and efficiently.

Our clients count on us to be a trusted partner of theirs with the ability to trade effectively in a variety of market conditions and venues. Our NYSE floor presence gives us the advantage of unique NYSE trading initiatives that cannot be accessed by any non-member firms.

Our many years of trading expertise combined with cutting edge technologies and the latest information, gives Livermore a distinct advantage.