Our salesmen have the knowledge to understand our client's objectives and provide the personalized service needed in unpredictable markets.  Our experience ranges from accomplished exchange floor professionals, to sell side institutional traders, hedge fund and investment advisor experts. We receive electronic FIX order flow from all major routing networks, which creates a smooth pathway for obtaining execution goals. Our team is committed to price improvement and anonymity. We use a full suite of algorithmic strategies, including TWAPS, VWAPS, POV, as well as customized strategies.

As a trusted partner, Livermore works alongside you, operating as an extension of your business. Through constant client communication, we get to know you, anticipate your needs and deliver solutions. Across trading, third-party research and capital markets, we pool our firm-wide resources to share and generate significant results. Livermore is determined to deliver better performance, better results and better value to our clients.

As professional intermediaries, our role is to serve a wide range of clients involved in trading and trade portfolio management. The business intelligence, trade execution support and risk mitigation services we offer give our clients the ability to trade with confidence. Livermore’s sales team offer execution services in listed, OTC, and foreign securities. We recognize the need to protect our client’s order confidentiality and maintain their anonymity at all times. Livermore strives to provide “Best Execution” on each and every trade.

Clients transact with us because we have an unmatched level of industry expertise. While others may be moving toward “low touch” models, we believe that each order requires more attention given today’s volatile markets. Our sales team is constantly monitoring the marketplace for new technology with the goal of improving and staying current in this environment. As our client base widens and becomes more diverse our sales team aims to service the needs of our clients as they evolve.

Our philosophy is to act as an extension of our client’s trading desk. We provide transparency in our trades with real-time knowledge of the market. This efficient, client-directed approach to execution trading affords insights and broad market access.

Livermore Trading Group’s execution strategies differ based on the wishes of our individual clients. Our team evaluates each client’s needs and hand tailors an execution strategy based on their objectives. It is our extensive experience with the market and our commitment to creating customized execution strategies that sets us apart from other Wall Street Firms.